Background and our philosophy

We are three childhood friends since the middle of the 90’s that played football and did other sports activities together for many years. As the years passed by we discovered our roles as advisors, trainers, teachers, leaders and mentors so we wanted to add value and fill those gaps that were there when we were younger and still in some extent are.

RMJ Sports Management was created.

Considering that, our main focus is on what we believe is the most important in the sports world: the athletes’ well-being, both their mental and physical health. We aspire to always be a genuine and meaningful sports agency and advisor and while being it, having a lot of fun together with all our athletes, partners and associates. 

We always strive to create long-term and reliable partnerships. We value honesty and have the highest level of integrity in our craft to constantly get the athletes to continue to develop and to optimize their careers. At the end of the day we should all have fun, laugh together and enjoy the active life.

That is RMJ Sports.